Commit 83a5aced authored by Thorbjørn Lindeijer's avatar Thorbjørn Lindeijer
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Some cleanup of GenericProject

Unused stuff.
parent 5ed4437e
......@@ -35,26 +35,16 @@
#include <projectexplorer/toolchain.h>
#include <projectexplorer/projectexplorerconstants.h>
#include <projectexplorer/persistentsettings.h>
#include <cpptools/cppmodelmanagerinterface.h>
#include <extensionsystem/pluginmanager.h>
#include <utils/pathchooser.h>
#include <utils/qtcassert.h>
#include <coreplugin/icore.h>
#include <QtCore/QtDebug>
#include <QtCore/QDir>
#include <QtCore/QSettings>
#include <QtCore/QProcess>
#include <QtCore/QCoreApplication>
#include <QtGui/QFormLayout>
#include <QtGui/QMainWindow>
#include <QtGui/QInputDialog>
#include <QtGui/QComboBox>
#include <QtGui/QStringListModel>
#include <QtGui/QListWidget>
#include <QtGui/QPushButton>
using namespace GenericProjectManager;
using namespace GenericProjectManager::Internal;
......@@ -62,52 +52,6 @@ using namespace ProjectExplorer;
namespace {
const char * const TOOLCHAIN_KEY("GenericProjectManager.GenericProject.Toolchain");
* An editable string list model. New strings can be added by editing the entry
* called "<new>", displayed at the end.
class ListModel: public QStringListModel
ListModel(QObject *parent)
: QStringListModel(parent) {}
virtual ~ListModel() {}
virtual int rowCount(const QModelIndex &parent) const
{ return 1 + QStringListModel::rowCount(parent); }
virtual Qt::ItemFlags flags(const QModelIndex &index) const
{ return QStringListModel::flags(index) | Qt::ItemIsEditable | Qt::ItemIsDragEnabled | Qt::ItemIsDropEnabled; }
virtual QModelIndex index(int row, int column, const QModelIndex &parent) const
if (row == stringList().size())
return createIndex(row, column);
return QStringListModel::index(row, column, parent);
virtual QVariant data(const QModelIndex &index, int role) const
if (role == Qt::DisplayRole || role == Qt::EditRole) {
if (index.row() == stringList().size())
return QCoreApplication::translate("GenericProject", "<new>");
return QStringListModel::data(index, role);
virtual bool setData(const QModelIndex &index, const QVariant &value, int role)
if (role == Qt::EditRole && index.row() == stringList().size())
insertRow(index.row(), QModelIndex());
return QStringListModel::setData(index, value, role);
} // end of anonymous namespace
......@@ -232,8 +176,8 @@ void GenericProject::parseProject(RefreshOptions options)
if (options & Configuration) {
m_projectIncludePaths = convertToAbsoluteFiles(readLines(includesFileName()));
QSettings projectInfo(m_fileName, QSettings::IniFormat);
m_generated = convertToAbsoluteFiles(projectInfo.value(QLatin1String("generated")).toStringList());
// TODO: Possibly load some configuration from the project file
//QSettings projectInfo(m_fileName, QSettings::IniFormat);
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