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Doc: Mention new refactoring actions.

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......@@ -1597,6 +1597,11 @@
\i Function signature. When this action is available, a light bulb
icon appears:
\inlineimage qml-toolbar-indicator.png
\i Add #include for undeclared identifier
\i Adds an #include directive to the current file to make the
declaration of a symbol available.
\i Undeclared identifier
\section2 Refactoring QML Code
......@@ -1628,15 +1633,10 @@
\i Move Component into 'filename.qml'
\i Moves a QML element into a separate file
\i Element name
\i Rename id
\i Renames all instances of an element ID in the currently open file
\i Element ID
\i Split Initializer
\i Reformats a one-line element into a multi-line element. For example,
Item { x: 10; y: 20; width: 10 }
......@@ -1651,6 +1651,16 @@
\i Element property
\i Wrap in Loader
\i Wraps the element in a Component element and loads it dynamically in
a Loader element. This is usually done to improve startup time.
\i Element name
\i Add a message suppression comment
\i Prepends the line with an annotation comment that stops the message
from being generated.
\i Error, warning or hint from static analysis
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