Commit 895b89db authored by jkobus's avatar jkobus Committed by Jarek Kobus
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Fix a crash on changing context lines with block selection

Crash occurs in diff editor when there is a block selection
and you are changing context lines number.

This workarounds the crash, but it seems that
when BaseTextEditorWidget has a blockSelection
calling "clear()" and "setPlainText()"
causes the crash. When I turn off the
blockSelection before calling "clear()" it helps.

Change-Id: I0133862a2d7e2914c16368b7efa9986b4d56ff39
Reviewed-by: default avatarDavid Schulz <>
parent 482d43e3
......@@ -718,6 +718,8 @@ void DiffEditorWidget::showDiff()
const int leftHorizontalValue = m_leftEditor->horizontalScrollBar()->value();
const int rightHorizontalValue = m_rightEditor->horizontalScrollBar()->value();
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