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Add more changes for 4.3.1

Change-Id: I11e5650fdd77c8eb0fb62beefaad2d9af81e96ed
Reviewed-by: Tobias Hunger's avatarTobias Hunger <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarOrgad Shaneh <>
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......@@ -7,25 +7,104 @@ you can check out from the public Git repository. For example:
git clone git://
git log --cherry-pick --pretty=oneline v4.3.0..v4.3.1
* Fixed that wizards overwrote existing files even when told not to do so
* Fixed memory leak in code completion (QTCREATORBUG-18326)
All Projects
* Fixed that links in `Application Output` stopped working after application
stops (QTCREATORBUG-18134)
* Fixed that `Application Output` was no longer editable (QTCREATORBUG-18418)
QMake Projects
* Fixed `Add Library` (QTCREATORBUG-18263)
CMake Projects
* Fixed crash when restoring session with multiple CMake projects
* Fixed that `test` target was missing (QTCREATORBUG-18323)
* Fixed that `STATIC` and `INTERNAL` variables were shown in project
* Fixed that CMake `message`s were not shown in `Issues` pane
* Fixed issues with CMake variables that contain `//` or `#`
* Fixed that deployment information could contain empty items
* Fixed that targets were duplicated when importing project (QTCREATORBUG-18409)
* Fixed that building application failed first time and after build error
when using CMake < 3.7 (QTCREATORBUG-18290, QTCREATORBUG-18382)
Autotools Projects
* Fixed regressions in project tree (QTCREATORBUG-18371)
C++ Support
* Fixed crash when requesting refactoring operations on invalid code
QML Support
* Fixed crash when changing kit environment (QTCREATORBUG-18335)
* Fixed crash when running analyzer for iOS and Android (QTCREATORBUG-18254)
Version Control Systems
* Fixed filtering of untracked files in commit editor
when multiple projects are open
* Git
* Fixed that ref names were missing for `Show`
* Mercurial
* Fixed extra options in diff and log (QTCREATORBUG-17987)
* Gerrit
* Fixed parsing output from Gerrit 2.14
Test Integration
* Fixed that changing QML file triggered full rescan for tests
* Fixed issues with multiple build targets
Platform Specific
* Fixed checking whether example should be copied to writable location
* Fixed issues with MSVC2017 and CMake (QTCREATORBUG-17925)
* Fixed performance issue on HiDPI displays (QTBUG-61384)
* Fixed running MSVC 2017 based applications (QTCREATORBUG-18288)
* Fixed detection of MIPS64 toolchains
* Fixed that 64-bit ABIs were missing in AVD creation dialog
* Fixed running on iOS 10.3 devices (QTCREATORBUG-18380)
* Fixed crash that could occur at startup while device is connected
* Fixed crash on shutdown
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