Commit 8ae0ad94 authored by Christian Kandeler's avatar Christian Kandeler
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Maemo: Fix free ports calculation.

This was always zero before the first deployment.
parent 96fde308
......@@ -993,15 +993,17 @@ void MaemoDeployStep::handleDeviceInstallerErrorOutput(const QByteArray &output)
MaemoPortList MaemoDeployStep::freePorts() const
const Qt4BuildConfiguration * const qt4bc = qt4BuildConfiguration();
if (!m_cachedDeviceConfig)
const MaemoDeviceConfig::ConstPtr &devConf
= m_cachedDeviceConfig ? m_cachedDeviceConfig : m_deviceConfig;
if (!devConf)
return MaemoPortList();
if (m_cachedDeviceConfig->type() == MaemoDeviceConfig::Simulator && qt4bc) {
if (devConf->type() == MaemoDeviceConfig::Simulator && qt4bc) {
MaemoQemuRuntime rt;
const int id = qt4bc->qtVersion()->uniqueId();
if (MaemoQemuManager::instance().runtimeForQtVersion(id, &rt))
return rt.m_freePorts;
return m_cachedDeviceConfig->freePorts();
return devConf->freePorts();
const Qt4BuildConfiguration *MaemoDeployStep::qt4BuildConfiguration() const
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