Commit 945c2119 authored by hjk's avatar hjk
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debugger: fall back to raw disassembly if mixed display fails due to

"unreadable" memory
parent ecd475c9
...@@ -3583,7 +3583,8 @@ void GdbEngine::handleFetchDisassemblerByLine(const GdbResponse &response) ...@@ -3583,7 +3583,8 @@ void GdbEngine::handleFetchDisassemblerByLine(const GdbResponse &response)
} else { } else {
// 536^error,msg="mi_cmd_disassemble: Invalid line number" // 536^error,msg="mi_cmd_disassemble: Invalid line number"
QByteArray msg ="msg").data(); QByteArray msg ="msg").data();
if (msg == "mi_cmd_disassemble: Invalid line number") if (msg == "mi_cmd_disassemble: Invalid line number"
|| msg.startsWith("Cannot access memory at address"))
fetchDisassemblerByAddress(ac.agent, true); fetchDisassemblerByAddress(ac.agent, true);
else else
showStatusMessage(tr("Disassembler failed: %1").arg(QString::fromLocal8Bit(msg)), 5000); showStatusMessage(tr("Disassembler failed: %1").arg(QString::fromLocal8Bit(msg)), 5000);
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