Commit 9a17d441 authored by dt's avatar dt
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Full name in signal declaration

parent 675e0b2e
......@@ -136,8 +136,8 @@ signals:
void removedRunConfiguration(ProjectExplorer::Project *p, const QString &name);
void addedRunConfiguration(ProjectExplorer::Project *p, const QString &name);
void removedBuildConfiguration(ProjectExplorer::Project *p, BuildConfiguration *bc);
void addedBuildConfiguration(ProjectExplorer::Project *p, BuildConfiguration *bc);
void removedBuildConfiguration(ProjectExplorer::Project *p, ProjectExplorer::BuildConfiguration *bc);
void addedBuildConfiguration(ProjectExplorer::Project *p, ProjectExplorer::BuildConfiguration *bc);
/* This method is called when the project .user file is saved. Simply call
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