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\title Beautifying Source Code
You can use the experimental Beautifier plugin to format your source code
by using the following external tools:
\li \l{}{Artistic Style}
\li \l{}{ClangFormat}
\li \l{}{Uncrustify}
The Beautifier plugin parses the source code into component structures, such
as assignment statements, if blocks, loops, and so on, and formats them as
specified in the Beautifier options. You can use a predefined style or
define your own style.
To use the Beautifier plugin:
\list 1
\li Download and install the tool to use for formatting source code.
\li Select \gui Help > \gui {About Plugins} > \gui {C++} >
\gui Beautifier to enable the plugin.
\li Restart \QC to be able to use the plugin.
\li Select \gui Tools > \gui Options > \gui Beautifier to specify
settings for the tool you want to use. The options you have depend
on the tool.
\li Select \gui Tools > \gui Beautifier > \gui {Artistic Style},
\gui ClangFormat or \gui Uncrustify > \gui {Format Current File}
to format the currently open file.
You can \l{Keyboard Shortcuts}{create keyboard shortcuts} for the
\section1 Specifying Styles
Select \gui Tools > \gui Options > \gui Beautifier to set the configuration
file that defines the style to use in the source files.
\image beautifier_options.png
Select the \gui {Use file defined in project file} option to use the
configuration file defined in the qmake OTHER_FILES variable as the
configuration file for the selected tool. For example, \c{uncrustify.cfg}.
Select the \gui {Use $HOME} option to use the specified file in the user's
home directory as the configuration file for the selected tool. For example,
\c{.uncrustify.cgf} or \c{uncrustify.cgf}.
Select the \gui {Use self-defined Style} option, and then \gui Add to define
your own style. The \gui {Edit Configuration} dialog provides syntax
highlighting, auto-completion, and context-sensitive help.
\image beautifier_editor.png
By default, ClangFormat formats only the selected text. To format the entire
file when no text is selected, select the
\gui {Format entire file if no text was selected} check box.
......@@ -55,6 +55,12 @@
can easily find and rename symbols and apply predefined actions to
refactor code.
\li \l{Beautifying Source Code}
Beautifying code means applying indentation and style to source
code files. You can use the Artistic Style, ClangFormat, or
Uncrustify tool to format source files.
\li \l{Configuring the Editor}
You can change the fonts, colors, highlighting, and indentation.
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\title Refactoring
......@@ -200,6 +200,7 @@
\li \l{Searching with the Locator}
\li \l{Refactoring}
\li \l{Beautifying Source Code}
\li \l{Configuring the Editor}
\li \l{Specifying Text Editor Settings}
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