Commit a14968e1 authored by Orgad Shaneh's avatar Orgad Shaneh Committed by Tobias Hunger
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Qbs: Use proper function signature for virtual functions

Detected by MSVC2010

Change-Id: I6ba98a72b8cf4e265887f256bebdd5d1582dbed8
Reviewed-by: default avatarTobias Hunger <>
parent 20f1208e
......@@ -363,14 +363,14 @@ QList<Core::Id> QbsInstallStepFactory::availableCreationIds(ProjectExplorer::Bui
return QList<Core::Id>();
QString QbsInstallStepFactory::displayNameForId(Core::Id id) const
QString QbsInstallStepFactory::displayNameForId(const Core::Id id) const
if (id == Core::Id(Constants::QBS_INSTALLSTEP_ID))
return tr("Qbs Install");
return QString();
bool QbsInstallStepFactory::canCreate(ProjectExplorer::BuildStepList *parent, Core::Id id) const
bool QbsInstallStepFactory::canCreate(ProjectExplorer::BuildStepList *parent, const Core::Id id) const
if (parent->id() != Core::Id(ProjectExplorer::Constants::BUILDSTEPS_DEPLOY)
|| !qobject_cast<ProjectExplorer::DeployConfiguration *>(parent->parent()))
......@@ -379,7 +379,7 @@ bool QbsInstallStepFactory::canCreate(ProjectExplorer::BuildStepList *parent, Co
ProjectExplorer::BuildStep *QbsInstallStepFactory::create(ProjectExplorer::BuildStepList *parent,
Core::Id id)
const Core::Id id)
if (!canCreate(parent, id))
return 0;
......@@ -134,10 +134,10 @@ public:
// used to show the list of possible additons to a target, returns a list of types
QList<Core::Id> availableCreationIds(ProjectExplorer::BuildStepList *parent) const;
// used to translate the types to names to display to the user
QString displayNameForId(Core::Id id) const;
QString displayNameForId(const Core::Id id) const;
bool canCreate(ProjectExplorer::BuildStepList *parent, Core::Id id) const;
ProjectExplorer::BuildStep *create(ProjectExplorer::BuildStepList *parent, Core::Id id);
bool canCreate(ProjectExplorer::BuildStepList *parent, const Core::Id id) const;
ProjectExplorer::BuildStep *create(ProjectExplorer::BuildStepList *parent, const Core::Id id);
// used to recreate the runConfigurations when restoring settings
bool canRestore(ProjectExplorer::BuildStepList *parent, const QVariantMap &map) const;
ProjectExplorer::BuildStep *restore(ProjectExplorer::BuildStepList *parent, const QVariantMap &map);
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