Commit a780ddc8 authored by Oliver Wolff's avatar Oliver Wolff
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MSVC: Prioritize x86_arm cross compiler over x64_arm

Windows Phone and WinRT builds only support the x86_arm cross compiler.
With this change this behavior is auto detected by Qt Creator for these
builds (due to being higher prioritized). As soon as Windows Phone/WinRT
builds support cross compilation from x64, this change can be reverted.

Task-number: QTBUG-44530
Change-Id: I16ffe47c4582f51abdb6ef57b5922eb13863fd4e
Reviewed-by: default avatarDavid Schulz <>
parent e84770b7
......@@ -586,9 +586,12 @@ QList<ToolChain *> MsvcToolChainFactory::autoDetect()
const QString vcvarsAllbat = path + QLatin1String("/vcvarsall.bat");
if (QFileInfo(vcvarsAllbat).isFile()) {
QList<MsvcToolChain::Platform> platforms; // prioritized list
// x86_arm was put before amd64_arm as a workaround for auto detected windows phone
// toolchains. As soon as windows phone builds support x64 cross builds, this change
// can be reverted.
platforms << MsvcToolChain::x86
<< MsvcToolChain::amd64 << MsvcToolChain::x86_amd64
<< MsvcToolChain::arm << MsvcToolChain::amd64_arm << MsvcToolChain::x86_arm
<< MsvcToolChain::arm << MsvcToolChain::x86_arm << MsvcToolChain::amd64_arm
<< MsvcToolChain::ia64 << MsvcToolChain::x86_ia64;
foreach (const MsvcToolChain::Platform &platform, platforms) {
if (hostSupportsPlatform(platform)
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