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Android: Add comment about the protocol used in the runner

This is mostly a copy of the commit message of 06d4c0b2e but its
more convenient to have it in the code than to browse git history.

Change-Id: I97a7a3c10f07fc268ba67986f1e830ee92d9c28d
Reviewed-by: default avatarDaniel Teske <>
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......@@ -46,6 +46,59 @@
#include <QTemporaryFile>
#include <QTcpServer>
This uses explicit handshakes between the application and the
gdbserver start and the host side by using the gdbserver socket
and two files ("ping" file in the application dir, "pong" file
in /data/local/tmp/qt)
The sequence is as follows:
host: adb forward debugsocket :5039
host: adb shell rm pong file
host: adb shell am start
host: loop until ping file appears
app start up: launch gdbserver --multi +debug-socket
app start up: loop until debug socket appear
gdbserver: normal start up including opening debug-socket,
not yet attached to any process
app start up: touch ping file
app start up: loop until pong file appears
host: start gdb
host: gdb: set up binary, breakpoints, path etc
host: gdb: target extended-remote :5039
gdbserver: accepts connection from gdb
host: gdb: attach <application-pid>
gdbserver: attaches to the application
and stops it
app start up: stopped now (it is still waiting for
the pong anyway)
host: gdb: continue
gdbserver: resumes application
app start up: resumed (still waiting for the pong)
host: write pong file
app start up: java code continues now, the process
is already fully under control
of gdbserver. Breakpoints are set etc,
we are before main.
app start up: native code launches
namespace Android {
namespace Internal {
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