Commit b0650238 authored by hjk's avatar hjk
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Fixes: debugger: fix custom dumpers

    Details:  again...
parent 08e17e6e
...@@ -1096,8 +1096,8 @@ bool DebuggerManager::useFastStart() const ...@@ -1096,8 +1096,8 @@ bool DebuggerManager::useFastStart() const
void DebuggerManager::setUseCustomDumpers(bool on) void DebuggerManager::setUseCustomDumpers(bool on)
{ {
//m_settings.m_useCustomDumpers = on; m_settings.m_useCustomDumpers = on;
//engine()->setUseCustomDumpers(on); engine()->setUseCustomDumpers(on);
} }
void DebuggerManager::setUseFastStart(bool on) void DebuggerManager::setUseFastStart(bool on)
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