Commit b1e23b71 authored by hjk's avatar hjk Committed by Eike Ziller

Revert "Make the output window readonly, but still keyboard friendly"

This reverts commit 3080d0d9.

Having the output pane editable is considered a feature by some as
it allows easy modification of the contents before passing into
other, less accessible interfaces, like Gerrit comment fields.

Task-number: QTCREATORBUG-18418
Change-Id: Ice0c6c5e5787d242c714a7b0f61559a70d25d243
Reviewed-by: J-P Nurmi's avatarJ-P Nurmi <>
Reviewed-by: Mitch Curtis's avatarMitch Curtis <>
Reviewed-by: Christian Kandeler's avatarChristian Kandeler <>
Reviewed-by: Eike Ziller's avatarEike Ziller <>
Reviewed-by: Vikas Pachdha's avatarVikas Pachdha <>
parent 4ecb1283
......@@ -68,8 +68,6 @@ QPlainTextEdit *OutputFormatter::plainTextEdit() const
void OutputFormatter::setPlainTextEdit(QPlainTextEdit *plainText)
plainText->setTextInteractionFlags(plainText->textInteractionFlags() | Qt::TextSelectableByKeyboard);
d->plainTextEdit = plainText;
d->cursor = plainText ? plainText->textCursor() : QTextCursor();
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