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Add changes file for 4.2

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Qt Creator version 4.2 contains bug fixes and new features.
The most important changes are listed in this document. For a complete
list of changes, see the Git log for the Qt Creator sources that
you can check out from the public Git repository. For example:
git clone git://
git log --cherry-pick --pretty=oneline origin/4.1..v4.2.0
* Added experimental editor for Qt SCXML
* Added pattern substitution for variable expansion
`%{variable/pattern/replacement}` (and `%{variable//pattern/replacement}`
for replacing multiple matches)
* Added default values for variable expansion (`%{variable:-default}`)
* Added Help > System Information for bug reporting purposes
* Added option to hide the central widget in Debug mode
* Added keyboard shortcuts for opening recent sessions and projects
* Improved performance when many sessions are shown
* Added action for selecting word under cursor (QTCREATORBUG-641)
* Fixed highlighting of Markdown files
* Added option to open link and current page in window (QTCREATORBUG-16842)
All Projects
* Reworked Projects mode UI
* Grouped all device options into one options category
* Added support for toolchains for different languages (currently C and C++)
QMake Projects
* Removed Qt Labs Controls wizard which is superseded by Qt Quick Controls 2
* Fixed `Open with Designer` and `Open with Linguist` for mobile and embedded Qt
* Fixed Add Library wizard when selecting library from absolute path or
different drive (QTCREATORBUG-8413, QTCREATORBUG-15732, QTCREATORBUG-16688)
CMake Projects
* Added support for CMake specific snippets
* Added support for platforms and toolsets
* Added warning for unsupported CMake versions
* Added drop down for selecting predefined values for properties
* Improved performance of opening project (QTCREATORBUG-16930)
* Made it possible to select CMake application on macOS
* Fixed that all unknown build target types were mapped to `ExecutableType`
Qbs Projects
* Made generated files available in project tree (QTCREATORBUG-15978)
C++ Support
* Added preview of images to tool tip on Qt resource URLs
* Added option to skip big files when indexing (QTCREATORBUG-16712)
* Added notification for parsing errors in headers
* Fixed `Move Definition to Class` for functions in template class and
template member functions (QTCREATORBUG-14354)
* Fixed issues with `Add Declaration`, `Add Definition`, and
`Move Definition Outside Class` for template functions
* Clang Code Model
* Improved responsiveness of completion and highlighting
* Added pretty printing of `QRegExp` captures
* Added pretty printing of `QStaticStringData`
* Improved pretty printing of QV4 types
* Made display of maps more compact
* Fixed pretty printing of `QFixed`
* Added support for Qt Creator variables `%{...}` in startup commands
QML Profiler
* Added option to show memory usage and allocations as flame graph
* Added option to show vertical orientation lines in timeline
(click the time ruler)
Qt Quick Designer
* Added completion expression editor
* Added menu for editing `when` condition of states
* Added editor for managing C++ backend objects
* Added reformatting of `.ui.qml` files on save
* Added support for exporting single properties
* Added support for padding (Qt Quick 2.6)
* Added support for elide and various font properties to text items
* Fixed that it was not possible to give extracted components
the file extension `.ui.qml`
* Fixed that switching from Qt Quick Designer failed to commit pending changes
* Fixed issues with pressing escape
Diff Viewer
* Added local diff for modified files in Qt Creator (`Diff` >
`Diff Current File`, `Diff` > `Diff All Modified Files`)
* Fixed that reload prompt was shown when reverting change
Version Control Systems
* Gerrit
* Fixed pushing to Gerrit when remote repository is empty
Test Integration
* Added option to disable crash handler when debugging
* Fixed that results were not shown when debugging (QTCREATORBUG-16693)
* Fixed that progress indicator sometimes did not stop
Model Editor
* Added zooming
* Added synchronization of selected diagram in diagram browser
Platform Specific
* Improved stability of determination if application is running
* Fixed that running without deployment did not start emulator
* Fixed that permission model downgrade was not detected as error
* Fixed handling of minimum required API level (QTCREATORBUG-16740)
Credits for these changes go to:
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