Commit b450fa17 authored by Thorbjørn Lindeijer's avatar Thorbjørn Lindeijer
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Removed colon again from the electric characters

It broke indentation for global scope operator, and when that was fixed
it broke for the class initializer lists. I'm not sure how to fix that
at the moment, so better have it not do anything rather than being in
the way.
parent e38250d8
......@@ -843,8 +843,7 @@ bool CPPEditor::isElectricCharacter(const QChar &ch) const
if (ch == QLatin1Char('{') ||
ch == QLatin1Char('}') ||
ch == QLatin1Char('#') ||
ch == QLatin1Char(':')) {
ch == QLatin1Char('#')) {
return true;
return false;
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