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Update information about shadow building now being the default (with restrictions).

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but we recommend that you do not use network resources, for example.
Qt Creator allows you to specify separate \l{Build Settings} {build settings}
for each development platform. You can use \l{glossary-shadow-build}{shadow builds} to
for each development platform. By default, \l{glossary-shadow-build}{shadow builds} are used to
keep the build specific files separate from the source.
You can create separate versions of project files to keep platform-dependent
......@@ -1640,9 +1640,14 @@
build your project. For more information, see
\l{Selecting the Qt version}.
\o The toolchain required to build the project.
\o If you want to \l{glossary-shadow-build}{shadow build} your
project, check the \gui{Shadow Build} checkbox and select the
build directory.
\o By default, projects are built in a separate directory
from the source directory, as \l{glossary-shadow-build}{shadow builds}.
This keeps the files generated for each target platform separate.
\note Shadow building is not supported by the Symbian build system.
Also, shadow building on Windows is not supported for Maemo.
If you only build for one target platform, you can deselect
the \gui{Shadow Build} checkbox.
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