Commit bcdc41b4 authored by hjk's avatar hjk
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Debugger: Update L&E view when toggling dumper use through CDB

Change-Id: Ic227009a83197ca25d95acee494372bb53833a96
Reviewed-by: David Schulz's avatarDavid Schulz <>
parent e149c0da
......@@ -254,6 +254,8 @@ CdbEngine::CdbEngine(const DebuggerRunParameters &sp) :
this, &CdbEngine::readyReadStandardOut);
connect(&m_process, &QProcess::readyReadStandardError,
this, &CdbEngine::readyReadStandardOut);
connect(action(UseDebuggingHelpers), &SavedAction::valueChanged,
this, &CdbEngine::updateLocals);
void CdbEngine::init()
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