Commit bd435499 authored by Erik Verbruggen's avatar Erik Verbruggen Committed by Robert Loehning
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Fixed compiler warnings.

(cherry picked from commit b049937ae013b47e9b86aacd60325dbd382319ed)
parent f39494e4
......@@ -291,18 +291,13 @@ InsertionLocation InsertionPointLocator::methodDeclarationInClass(
/// Currently, we return the end of fileName.cpp
QList<InsertionLocation> InsertionPointLocator::methodDefinition(
const QString &fileName, DeclarationAST *prevDecl, DeclarationAST *nextDecl) const
const QString &/*fileName*/) const
QList<InsertionLocation> result;
// option 1: after the prevDecl
// option 2: before the nextDecl
// option 3: inline in fileName (if fileName is a .h file)
// option 4: at the end of fileName.cpp (if fileName is not a .cpp file)
return result;
......@@ -95,9 +95,7 @@ public:
const Class *clazz,
AccessSpec xsSpec) const;
QList<InsertionLocation> methodDefinition(const QString &fileName,
CPlusPlus::DeclarationAST *prevDecl,
CPlusPlus::DeclarationAST *nextDecl) const;
QList<InsertionLocation> methodDefinition(const QString &fileName) const;
Snapshot m_snapshot;
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