Commit be3dbd26 authored by Erik Verbruggen's avatar Erik Verbruggen
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CppEditor: copy snapshot before FunctionDeclDefLink change calculation.

FunctionDeclDefLink::changes is called from
CPPEditorWidget::updateFunctionDeclDefLinkNow() where it receives the
snapshot by reference from the semantic info. The semantic info is
recalculated in a/the future, so it might change the snapshot or its
documents while it's still being used by the decl/def link finder.

So, this patch takes a copy of all relevant semantic info (snapshot and
document) before starting to calculate the changes.

Change-Id: I78244a4ca8149233403b3c35ee05a2d4ed4b2770
Reviewed-by: default avatarNikolai Kosjar <>
parent bc03271f
......@@ -1029,22 +1029,24 @@ void CPPEditorWidget::updateFunctionDeclDefLinkNow()
if (Core::EditorManager::currentEditor() != editor())
const Snapshot semanticSnapshot = d->m_lastSemanticInfo.snapshot;
const Document::Ptr semanticDoc = d->m_lastSemanticInfo.doc;
if (d->m_declDefLink) {
// update the change marker
const Utils::ChangeSet changes = d->m_declDefLink->changes(d->m_lastSemanticInfo.snapshot);
const Utils::ChangeSet changes = d->m_declDefLink->changes(semanticSnapshot);
if (changes.isEmpty())
if (!d->m_lastSemanticInfo.doc || isOutdated())
if (semanticDoc.isNull() || isOutdated())
Snapshot snapshot = CppModelManagerInterface::instance()->snapshot();
d->m_declDefLinkFinder->startFindLinkAt(textCursor(), d->m_lastSemanticInfo.doc, snapshot);
d->m_declDefLinkFinder->startFindLinkAt(textCursor(), semanticDoc, snapshot);
void CPPEditorWidget::onFunctionDeclDefLinkFound(QSharedPointer<FunctionDeclDefLink> link)
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