Commit c30c2906 authored by Eike Ziller's avatar Eike Ziller

Avoid holding on lots of data with C++ Find Usages

The snapshots at the moment of search were held as long as the
corresponding search result panel was kept, to allow mapping of the old
symbol to the corresponding symbol in the new snapshot.
Now we just save the file name and ID of the old symbol.

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Reviewed-by: default avatarErik Verbruggen <>
parent 155567a0
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......@@ -54,8 +54,8 @@ namespace Internal {
class CppFindReferencesParameters
CPlusPlus::LookupContext context;
CPlusPlus::Symbol *symbol;
QList<QByteArray> symbolId;
QByteArray symbolFileName;
class CppFindReferences: public QObject
......@@ -92,12 +92,13 @@ private:
const QString &replacement, bool replace);
void findMacroUses(const CPlusPlus::Macro &macro, const QString &replacement,
bool replace);
void findAll_helper(Find::SearchResult *search);
void findAll_helper(Find::SearchResult *search, CPlusPlus::Symbol *symbol,
const CPlusPlus::LookupContext &context);
CPlusPlus::DependencyTable dependencyTable() const;
void setDependencyTable(const CPlusPlus::DependencyTable &newTable);
void createWatcher(const QFuture<CPlusPlus::Usage> &future, Find::SearchResult *search);
bool findSymbol(CppFindReferencesParameters *parameters,
const CPlusPlus::Snapshot &snapshot);
CPlusPlus::Symbol *findSymbol(const CppFindReferencesParameters &parameters,
const CPlusPlus::Snapshot &snapshot, CPlusPlus::LookupContext *context);
QPointer<CppModelManagerInterface> _modelManager;
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