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Doc: plain C or C++ project wizards

Add more info about other project wizards

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......@@ -55,19 +55,29 @@
\o HTML5 based applications
\o HTML5 based applications that contain both HTML5 and C++ code
and include a WebKit view
\o Qt console applications
\o Qt console applications that contain a single main.cpp file with
a stub implementation
\o Shared or static C++ libraries
\o Qt unit tests
\o Plain C or C++ projects that use qmake but do not use the Qt
\o Qt unit tests for features or classes
\if defined(qcmanual)
\o Qt Custom Designer Widgets
\o Subprojects
\o \QC plugins
\o Empty Qt projects that are based on qmake but do not use any
default classes
\o Subprojects to structure your qmake projects as a tree hierarchy
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