Commit ca2fecb3 authored by Oswald Buddenhagen's avatar Oswald Buddenhagen
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use an assert for a clearly internal error

there are no external reasons why this could fail ...

Reviewed-by: dt
parent c59d82a4
......@@ -604,12 +604,8 @@ void MercurialPlugin::showCommitWidget(const QList<QPair<QString, QString> > &st
CommitEditor *commitEditor = qobject_cast<CommitEditor *>(editor);
if (!commitEditor) {
outputWindow->appendError(tr("Unable to create a commit editor."));
QTC_ASSERT(qobject_cast<CommitEditor *>(editor), return)
CommitEditor *commitEditor = static_cast<CommitEditor *>(editor);
const QString msg = tr("Commit changes for \"%1\".").
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