Commit cdfa382e authored by Kai Koehne's avatar Kai Koehne Committed by hjk
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QmlProject: Don't disable debug action based on debugger window language

If you loaded e.g. a .qmlproject file that had only C++ debugging turned
on the Start debugging action got disabled, and there were no ways of
getting it enabled again (short of reloading the project).

Anyhow, the logic to disable the debug action based on the current
debugger language is flawed, since triggering the action will actually set
the language.

Change-Id: I5827a39cafc7e5dd0b2f2b43f07774e64eace02e
Reviewed-by: default avatarhjk <>
parent 41411165
......@@ -3459,11 +3459,6 @@ void DebuggerPlugin::extensionsInitialized()
bool DebuggerPlugin::isActiveDebugLanguage(int language)
return theDebuggerCore->isActiveDebugLanguage(language);
DebuggerMainWindow *DebuggerPlugin::mainWindow()
return theDebuggerCore->m_mainWindow;
......@@ -60,7 +60,6 @@ public:
//static void startDebugger(ProjectExplorer::RunControl *runControl);
// Used by QmlJSInspector.
static bool isActiveDebugLanguage(int language);
static DebuggerMainWindow *mainWindow();
static QAction *visibleDebugAction();
......@@ -153,9 +153,6 @@ bool QmlProjectRunControlFactory::canRun(RunConfiguration *runConfiguration,
if (mode != DebugRunMode)
return false;
if (!Debugger::DebuggerPlugin::isActiveDebugLanguage(Debugger::QmlLanguage))
return false;
if (!config->observerPath().isEmpty())
return true;
if (!config->qtVersion())
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