Commit d0b12f8f authored by Christian Kamm's avatar Christian Kamm
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QmlJS: Remove unused argument for Link helper function.

parent 587a2c3a
......@@ -256,12 +256,12 @@ ObjectValue *Link::importFileOrDirectory(Document::Ptr doc, const ImportInfo &im
import Qt 4.6 as Xxx
(import is the same as the ones above)
ObjectValue *Link::importNonFile(Document::Ptr doc, const ImportInfo &importInfo, const QString &forcedPackageName)
ObjectValue *Link::importNonFile(Document::Ptr doc, const ImportInfo &importInfo)
ObjectValue *import = new ObjectValue(engine());
const QString packageName = forcedPackageName.isEmpty() ? Bind::toString(importInfo.ast()->importUri, '.') : forcedPackageName;
const QString packageName = Bind::toString(importInfo.ast()->importUri, '.');
const ComponentVersion version = importInfo.version();
bool importFound = false;
......@@ -75,7 +75,7 @@ private:
void populateImportedTypes(Interpreter::TypeEnvironment *typeEnv, Document::Ptr doc);
Interpreter::ObjectValue *importFileOrDirectory(Document::Ptr doc, const Interpreter::ImportInfo &importInfo);
Interpreter::ObjectValue *importNonFile(Document::Ptr doc, const Interpreter::ImportInfo &importInfo, const QString &forcedPackageName = QString());
Interpreter::ObjectValue *importNonFile(Document::Ptr doc, const Interpreter::ImportInfo &importInfo);
void importObject(Bind *bind, const QString &name, Interpreter::ObjectValue *object, NameId *targetNamespace);
bool importLibrary(Document::Ptr doc,
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