Commit d4fe5310 authored by Ulf Hermann's avatar Ulf Hermann

QmlProfiler: Don't delete suspended models when acquiring is aborted

AcquiringData to ClearingData is a valid transition, for example when
the application crashes. We don't want to drop all models then.

Change-Id: Ibb1b5a551e0dbec121a44054d36c132d038153f4
Reviewed-by: Christian Kandeler's avatarChristian Kandeler <>
parent ff6a2068
......@@ -114,6 +114,8 @@ QmlProfilerTraceView::QmlProfilerTraceView(QWidget *parent, QmlProfilerViewManag
case QmlProfilerModelManager::ClearingData:
if (!d->m_suspendedModels.isEmpty())
break; // Models are suspended already. AcquiringData was aborted.
// Fall through
case QmlProfilerModelManager::AcquiringData:
// Temporarily remove the models, while we're changing them
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