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Doc: changing file encoding from editor toolbar

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To show the file encoding of the current file on the editor toolbar (4),
select \uicontrol Tools > \uicontrol Options > \uicontrol {Text Editor} >
\uicontrol Display > \uicontrol {Display file encoding}.
\uicontrol Display > \uicontrol {Display file encoding}. To change the
encoding, click it on the toolbar and select new encoding in the
\uicontrol {Text Encoding} dialog. To reload the file with the selected
encoding, select \uicontrol {Reload with Encoding}. To save the file with
the new encoding, select \uicontrol {Save with Encoding}.
\note Other convenient ways of navigating in \QC are provided by the
\l{Searching with the Locator}{locator}, \l{Keyboard Shortcuts}
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