Commit d728317c authored by hjk's avatar hjk

Debugger: Add a dumper for QProcEnvKey

Makes spotting variables in the process environment easier.

Change-Id: I5841cf299840082ff62d96bcb57386a0352ee08d
Reviewed-by: Christian Stenger's avatarChristian Stenger <>
parent 9cb02d16
......@@ -1106,6 +1106,10 @@ def qdump__QObjectPrivate__ConnectionList(d, value):
d.putSpecialValue('minimumitemcount', 0)
def qdump__QProcEnvKey(d, value):
def qdump__QPixmap(d, value):
if d.qtVersion() < 0x050000:
(vtbl, painters, dataPtr) = value.split('ppp');
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