Commit d7408f1f authored by hjk's avatar hjk
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Debugger: Make std::set::iterator dumper test pass for libc++

Change-Id: Ib5f9a0d71c130dcbcc14719b85f13582bbeaf74e
Reviewed-by: Christian Stenger's avatarChristian Stenger <>
parent f42d44a4
......@@ -511,10 +511,17 @@ def qdump__std____1__map__const_iterator(d, value):
def qdump__std____1__set__iterator(d, value):
treeTypeName =[:-len("::iterator")]
treeTypeName =[:-len("::const_iterator")]
treeType = d.lookupType(treeTypeName)
keyType = treeType[0]
if d.isExpanded():
with Children(d):
node = value['__ptr_'].dereference()['__value_']
node = node.cast(value.type[0])
node = node.cast(keyType)
d.putSubItem('value', node)
def qdump__std____1__set_const_iterator(d, value):
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