Commit dc09a3f4 authored by Oswald Buddenhagen's avatar Oswald Buddenhagen
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use exact evaluator also for TARGET.CAPABILITY

special-casing it makes no sense, as all other values from the
project would be mismatched and thus worthless for code validation
parent 926ba9ff
......@@ -1743,10 +1743,7 @@ void Qt4ProFileNode::applyEvaluate(bool parseResult, bool async)
newVarValues[QmlImportPathVar] = m_readerExact->absolutePathValues(
QLatin1String("QML_IMPORT_PATH"), m_projectDir);
newVarValues[Makefile] = m_readerExact->values("MAKEFILE");
// We use the cumulative parse so that we get the capabilities for symbian even if
// a different target is selected and the capabilities are set in a symbian scope
newVarValues[SymbianCapabilities] = m_readerCumulative->values("TARGET.CAPABILITY");
newVarValues[SymbianCapabilities] = m_readerExact->values("TARGET.CAPABILITY");
if (m_varValues != newVarValues) {
Qt4VariablesHash oldValues = m_varValues;
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