Commit de3d2474 authored by Oswald Buddenhagen's avatar Oswald Buddenhagen
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simplify parameter passing to insertUnique and removeEach

parent bc4e63a3
......@@ -910,21 +910,17 @@ QStringList ProFileEvaluator::Private::split_value_list(const QString &vals)
return ret;
static void insertUnique(QHash<QString, QStringList> *map,
const QString &key, const QStringList &value)
static void insertUnique(QStringList *varlist, const QStringList &value)
QStringList &sl = (*map)[key];
foreach (const QString &str, value)
if (!sl.contains(str))
if (!varlist->contains(str))
static void removeEach(QHash<QString, QStringList> *map,
const QString &key, const QStringList &value)
static void removeEach(QStringList *varlist, const QStringList &value)
QStringList &sl = (*map)[key];
foreach (const QString &str, value)
static void replaceInList(QStringList *varlist,
......@@ -1166,8 +1162,8 @@ void ProFileEvaluator::Private::visitProVariable(ProVariable *var)
case ProVariable::UniqueAddOperator: // *=
if (!m_skipLevel || m_cumulative) {
insertUnique(&m_valuemap, varName, varVal);
insertUnique(&m_filevaluemap[currentProFile()], varName, varVal);
insertUnique(&m_valuemap[varName], varVal);
insertUnique(&m_filevaluemap[currentProFile()][varName], varVal);
case ProVariable::AddOperator: // +=
......@@ -1179,8 +1175,8 @@ void ProFileEvaluator::Private::visitProVariable(ProVariable *var)
case ProVariable::RemoveOperator: // -=
if (!m_cumulative) {
if (!m_skipLevel) {
removeEach(&m_valuemap, varName, varVal);
removeEach(&m_filevaluemap[currentProFile()], varName, varVal);
removeEach(&m_valuemap[varName], varVal);
removeEach(&m_filevaluemap[currentProFile()][varName], varVal);
} else {
// We are stingy with our values, too.
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