Commit dfadbe7c authored by hjk's avatar hjk Committed by hjk

debugger: don't use dynamic types when dumping base classes.

Change-Id: Id1effadbf47d4d42be44ccf63ef39d1bda8b83a1
Reviewed-by: default avatarhjk <>
parent 0e0158fc
......@@ -330,18 +330,6 @@ class NoAddress:
self.d.currentPrintsAddress = self.savedPrintsAddress
class NoDynamicType:
def __init__(self, d):
self.d = d
def __enter__(self):
self.savedUseDynamicType = self.d.useDynamicType
self.d.useDynamicType = False
def __exit__(self, exType, exValue, exTraceBack):
self.d.useDynamicType = self.savedUseDynamicType
class SubItem:
def __init__(self, d, component):
......@@ -1404,7 +1392,7 @@ class Dumper:
with SubItem(self, name):
def putItem(self, value):
def putItem(self, value, tryDynamic=True):
if value is None:
# Happens for non-available watchers in gdb versions that
# need to use gdb.execute instead of gdb.parse_and_eval
......@@ -1669,9 +1657,8 @@ class Dumper:
if self.useDynamicType:
if self.useDynamicType and tryDynamic:
dtypeName = dynamicTypeName(value.cast(type))
#dtypeName = str(lookupType(dtypeName)) # Strip const etc. FIXME
dtypeName = typeName
......@@ -1800,11 +1787,10 @@ class Dumper:
# strange characters.
if dumpBase:
baseNumber += 1
with NoDynamicType(self):
with UnnamedSubItem(self, "@%d" % baseNumber):
self.put('iname="%s",' % self.currentIName)
self.put('name="%s",' %
with UnnamedSubItem(self, "@%d" % baseNumber):
self.put('iname="%s",' % self.currentIName)
self.put('name="%s",' %
self.putItem(value.cast(field.type), False)
elif len( == 0:
# Anonymous union. We need a dummy name to distinguish
# multiple anonymous unions in the struct.
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