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The QtCreator 1.1 release contains bug fixes and new features.
A more detailed list of changes follows below. If you want to know
the exact and complete list of changes, you can check out the QtCreator
sources from the public git repository and check the logs, e.g.
git clone git://
git log --pretty=oneline origin/1.0.0..origin/master
The release introduces source and binary incompatible changes to the plugin API,
so if you created your own custom plugins these need to be adapted.
* Completely reworked editor split mechanism.
* Completion for constructors in variable initialization.
* Some support for Obj-C++ //TODO: what does that mean more concrete?
* Some support for doxygen style comments //TODO: what does that mean more concrete?
* More intelligent adding of braces.
* Improved function argument completion.
* More checkpoints in editor history.
* Ctrl-click for jumping to a symbol definition.
* Context help for form editor widgets.
* Goto slot from form editor now works with multiple inheritance.
* Add signal/slot editor to form editor.
* Improved open documents view (sorted, single-click, close buttons).
* Copying text from the context help browser and output windows didn't work.
Building, Running and Debugging
* Experimental support for generic Makefile based projects.
* Improved .pro file parsing, handling scopes and $$system directive.
* Support subdir.file in .pro files.
* Experimental cdb debugger.
* Option to start application in external terminal.
* Possibility to attach debugger to core files.
* Debugger understands std::set now.
Platform Specific
* Don't override systems Hide action.
* Option to set DYLD_IMAGE_SUFFIX=_debug when running applications.
* Open in Finder action in project tree.
* Don't crash because of incompatible libQt3Support.
Lots of improvements to
* FakeVim mode
* CMake support
* C++ parsing and inline error indicators
* Everything :-)
Additional credits go to:
* Martin Aumueller <> (FakeVim improvements)
* Kris Wong (different patches)
//TODO: this refers to commit c6419ff008bbf1afd2dfa4ed18a09de039cccef6
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