Commit e0df247d authored by Roberto Raggi's avatar Roberto Raggi
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Fixed: Possible crash in MimeType::matchesFile().

parent 0ef7f31a
......@@ -490,19 +490,21 @@ unsigned MimeType::matchesFile(const QFileInfo &file) const
unsigned MimeType::matchesFile(Internal::FileMatchContext &c) const
// check globs
const QList<QRegExp>::const_iterator cend = m_d->globPatterns.constEnd();
for (QList<QRegExp>::const_iterator it = m_d->globPatterns.constBegin(); it != cend; ++it)
if (it->exactMatch(c.fileName()))
foreach (QRegExp pattern, m_d->globPatterns) {
if (pattern.exactMatch(c.fileName()))
return GlobMatchPriority;
// Nope, try magic matchers on context data
if (m_d->magicMatchers.empty())
if (m_d->magicMatchers.isEmpty())
return 0;
const QByteArray data =;
if (!data.isEmpty()) {
const MimeTypeData::IMagicMatcherList::const_iterator cend = m_d->magicMatchers.constEnd();
for (MimeTypeData::IMagicMatcherList::const_iterator it = m_d->magicMatchers.constBegin(); it != cend; ++it)
if ((*it)->matches(data))
return (*it)->priority();
foreach (MimeTypeData::IMagicMatcherSharedPointer matcher, m_d->magicMatchers) {
if (matcher->matches(data))
return matcher->priority();
return 0;
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