Commit e21843e3 authored by Tim Jenssen's avatar Tim Jenssen
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QmlDesigner: set splitter handle zero again

Was broken since 6f1d2371

 which sets
css only at widgets where it is necessary.

Change-Id: Ia60672136ad8c73791806c920051918dbb23748c
Reviewed-by: Thomas Hartmann's avatarThomas Hartmann <>
parent 843f310d
......@@ -34,11 +34,3 @@ QToolButton#centralTabBar {
height: 16px;
border: none;
QSplitter::handle:horizontal {
width: 0px;
QSplitter::handle:vertical {
height: 0px;
......@@ -49,6 +49,7 @@ SwitchSplitTabWidget::SwitchSplitTabWidget(QWidget *parent)
m_splitter->setSizePolicy(QSizePolicy::Expanding, QSizePolicy::Expanding);
QString sheet = QString::fromUtf8(Utils::FileReader::fetchQrc(":/qmldesigner/centerwidget.css"));
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