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* Improved open documents view (sorted, single-click, close buttons).
* Copying text from the context help browser and output windows didn't work.
Building, Running and Debugging
Building and Running
* Experimental support for generic Makefile based projects.
* Improved .pro file parsing, handling scopes and $$system directive.
* Support subdir.file in .pro files.
* Experimental cdb debugger.
* Option to start application in external terminal.
* Possibility to attach debugger to core files.
* Debugger understands std::set now.
* Changed approach to dumper loading: Build once per used Qt version,
no dumper buildstep anymore.
* New dumper for std::set. Improved QString, QVariant, std::wstring
* Make strategy to load shared objects configurable (auto-solib-add).
* Maximum stack depth configurable.
* Improved interaction in the Locals&Watchers view.
* Experimental cdb debugger.
* It is now possible to choose file suffixes in the options dialog.
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