Commit eb278868 authored by Marco Bubke's avatar Marco Bubke
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QmlDesigner.NodeInstances: Remove old refresh bindings function

parent 3b28e71e
......@@ -371,8 +371,6 @@ void ObjectNodeInstance::reparent(const ObjectNodeInstance::Pointer &oldParentIn
m_parentProperty = newParentProperty;
addToNewProperty(object(), newParentInstance->object(), newParentProperty);
void ObjectNodeInstance::setPropertyVariant(const QString &name, const QVariant &value)
......@@ -970,17 +968,6 @@ void ObjectNodeInstance::createDynamicProperty(const QString &name, const QStrin
Force all bindings in this or a sub context to be re-evaluated.
void ObjectNodeInstance::refreshBindings(QDeclarativeContext *context)
// TODO: Maybe do this via a timer to prevent update flooding
static int i = 0;
context->setContextProperty(QString("__dummy_%1").arg(i++), true);
bool ObjectNodeInstance::updateStateVariant(const ObjectNodeInstance::Pointer &/*target*/, const QString &/*propertyName*/, const QVariant &/*value*/)
return false;
......@@ -183,8 +183,6 @@ protected:
void deleteObjectsInList(const QDeclarativeProperty &metaProperty);
static void refreshBindings(QDeclarativeContext *context);
QHash<QString, QVariant> m_resetValueHash;
QHash<QString, ServerNodeInstance> m_modelAbstractPropertyHash;
mutable QHash<QString, bool> m_hasBindingHash;
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