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Doc: Add information about using the number icons and OptiPNG the Extending Qt Creator Manual

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save space.
\section2 Hightlighting Parts of the Screen
You can use number icons in screenshots to highlight parts of the screenshot
(instead of using red arrows or borders, or something similar). You can then
refer to the numbers in text. For and example, see the
\l{}{Development Tools}
topic in the Qt reference documentation.
This improves the consistency of the look and feel of Qt documentation,
and eliminates the need to describe parts of the UI in the text, because
you can just insert the number of the element you are referring to in
You can find a set of images that show the numbers from 1 to 10 in the
\c doc\images\numbers directory (or in the \c qtdoc module sources in
\c doc\images\numbers).
To use the numbers:
\li Take a screenshot as described above.
\li After resizing the screenshot, copy-paste the number images on
the screenshot to the places that you want to refer to from text.
\section2 Optimizing Images
Save images in the PNG format in the \QC project folder in the
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You can also see the sizes of the initial and optimized image.
\section3 Using OptiPNG
Download and install \l{}{OptiPNG}.
OptiPNG is a command-line tool that you can invoke from the \QC project
folder (or any folder that contains your project). To optimize a screenshot,
enter the following command (here, from the \QC project folder):
optipng -o 7 -strip all doc/images/<screenshot_name>
\section1 Building Documentation
You use QDoc to build the documentation. Build the documentation from time
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