Commit ed1bbafa authored by jkobus's avatar jkobus Committed by Eike Ziller
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Fix typo inside comment

Change-Id: Ida0d5489b0c4890afd625be405a2fabdb6bc6748
Reviewed-by: default avatarEike Ziller <>
parent 48687fd8
......@@ -1057,7 +1057,7 @@ static inline bool checkChunkLine(const QString &line, int *modifiedLineNumber,
if (endPos == -1)
return false;
// the first chunk range applies to the original file, the second one to
// the modified file, the one we're interested int
// the modified file, the one we're interested in
const int plusPos = line.indexOf(QLatin1Char('+'), len);
if (plusPos == -1 || plusPos > endPos)
return false;
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