Commit ed67e712 authored by Christian Stenger's avatar Christian Stenger

Squish: Fix tst_session_handling

Adapt to changed UI and Welcome page.

Change-Id: I413835926411687d6161026da42be97b2b6a41c3
Reviewed-by: default avatarRobert Loehning <>
parent f04c535a
......@@ -41,7 +41,7 @@ def main():
for project in projects:
openQmakeProject(project, Targets.DESKTOP_531_DEFAULT)
checkNavigator(53, "Verifying whether all projects have been opened.")
checkNavigator(52, "Verifying whether all projects have been opened.")
checkOpenDocuments(2, "Verifying whether 2 files are open.")
......@@ -51,12 +51,12 @@ def main():
"Verifying window title is set to default.")
checkWelcomePage(sessionName, False)
checkNavigator(1, "Verifying that no more project is opened.")
checkNavigator(0, "Verifying that no more project is opened.")
checkOpenDocuments(0, "Verifying whether all files have been closed.")
test.verify(waitFor("sessionName in str(mainWindow.windowTitle)", 2000),
"Verifying window title contains created session name.")
checkNavigator(53, "Verifying whether all projects have been re-opened.")
checkNavigator(52, "Verifying whether all projects have been re-opened.")
checkOpenDocuments(2, "Verifying whether 2 files have been re-opened.")
if test.verify("main.cpp" in str(mainWindow.windowTitle),
"Verifying whether utility.h has been opened."):
......@@ -100,24 +100,32 @@ def createAndSwitchToSession(toSession):
lineEdit = waitForObject("{type='QLineEdit' unnamed='1' visible='1' window=%s}"
% sessionInputDialog)
replaceEditorContent(lineEdit, toSession)
clickButton(waitForObject("{text='Switch To' type='QPushButton' unnamed='1' visible='1' "
clickButton(waitForObject("{text='Create and Open' type='QPushButton' unnamed='1' visible='1' "
"window=%s}" % sessionInputDialog))
def checkWelcomePage(sessionName, isCurrent=False):
welcomePage = ":Qt Creator.WelcomePage_QQuickWidget"
mouseClick(waitForObject("{container='%s' text='Projects' type='Button' "
"unnamed='1' visible='true'}" % welcomePage))
waitForObject("{container='%s' id='sessionsTitle' text='Sessions' type='Text' "
"unnamed='1' visible='true'}" % welcomePage)
if isCurrent:
sessions = ["default", "%s (current session)" % sessionName]
sessions = ["default (current session)", sessionName]
for sessionName in sessions:
test.verify(object.exists("{container='%s' enabled='true' type='Text' unnamed='1' "
"visible='true' text='%s'}" % (welcomePage, sessionName)),
"Verifying session '%s' exists." % sessionName)
wsButtonFrame, wsButtonLabel = getWelcomeScreenSideBarButton('Projects')
if not all((wsButtonFrame, wsButtonLabel)):
test.fatal("Something's pretty wrong - leaving check for WelcomePage.")
treeView = getWelcomeTreeView("Sessions")
if not treeView:
test.fatal("Failed to find Sessions tree view - leaving check for WelcomePage.")
sessions = {"default":not isCurrent, sessionName:isCurrent}
indices = dumpIndices(treeView.model())
for session, current in sessions.items():
found = False
for index in indices:
if session == str(
# 259 -> ActiveSessionRole [sessionmodel.h]
isCurrent =
if current == isCurrent:
found = True
test.verify(found, "Verifying: Qt Creator displays Welcome Page with %s." % session)
def checkNavigator(expectedRows, message):
navigatorModel = waitForObject(":Qt Creator_Utils::NavigationTreeView").model()
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