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......@@ -26,6 +26,7 @@ Editing
Managing and Building Projects
* Re-added option to import existing builds even after project configuration (QTCREATORBUG-7836)
* Fixed that compiler output in issues list was not using monospace font (QTCREATORBUG-11345)
* Fixed crash when removing run configuration that was about to be run (QTCREATORBUG-11594)
QMake Projects
* Added context menu item "Add Existing Directory" that adds all
......@@ -46,20 +47,24 @@ Debugging
* Removed support for GDB without Python
* Added context menu item for saving backtrace as tasks-file
* Added pretty printer for std::unordered_set
* Added pretty printers for std::unordered_set and boost::container::list
* Fixed various pretty printers
* Added pretty printer for std::complex and C++11 std::array
* Added support for debugging applications that run in terminal (QTCREATORBUG-9650)
* Added support for "Create Full Backtrace" (QTCREATORBUG-11642)
* Fixed that debugging was not possible with MallocScribble environment variable set
* Fixed "Jump to Line", "Run to Line" and "Jump to Address"
* Fixed updating breakpoint locations while debugging (QTCREATORBUG-11564)
QML Profiler
* Improved performance (QTCREATORBUG-10950)
* Improved layout of details views
* Added JavaScript calls in Events view and Timeline view
* Fixed opening files from JavaScript profiling output (QTCREATORBUG-11094)
* Fixed hovering over narrow items in Timeline view (QTCREATORBUG-11692)
C++ Support
* Added code model inspector
......@@ -72,6 +77,7 @@ C++ Support
* Fixed syntax highlighting of multiline strings and comments (QTCREATORBUG-662)
* Fixed that symbol dropdown was jumping to the wrong editor (QTCREATORBUG-11157)
* Fixed highlighting when #undef is used (QTCREATORBUG-10454)
* Fixed issue with follow symbol and overloaded functions (QTCREATORBUG-10295)
* Improved the Insert Virtual Functions refactoring action:
* Check only pure virtual functions by default
* Display all overrides of a function
......@@ -131,6 +137,7 @@ QNX
* Added support for attaching debugger to running applications
* Fixed several issues with certificate password dialog in BlackBerry
options (QTCREATORBUG-10948)
* Fixed mkspec setting in the qmake build step (QTCREATORBUG-11674)
* Made it possible to cancel waiting for an AVD to boot up
......@@ -146,9 +153,14 @@ Android
* Fixed that Qt Creator restart was required after configuring Android SDK (QTCREATORBUG-10936)
* Enabled iOS support by default
* Added support for QML debugging
* Added check for already running application on device
* Added automatic detection that developer mode becomes activated on connected device
* Added experimental support
Credits for these changes go to:
Alessandro Portale
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