Commit ef65ce48 authored by Sergey Shambir's avatar Sergey Shambir Committed by Tobias Hunger
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Fixed caching when reading gcc predefined macros

Predefined macro set will be renewed correctly in qmake subprojects
or when flags was changed and project file resaved

Change-Id: Iffba9176083f5d8e5fbb39d2c02d48cef4a28e71
Reviewed-by: default avatarDaniel Teske <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarTobias Hunger <>
parent 072c3109
......@@ -149,6 +149,8 @@ static QByteArray gccPredefinedMacros(const FileName &gcc, const QStringList &ar
return predefinedMacros;
const int GccToolChain::PREDEFINED_MACROS_CACHE_SIZE = 16;
QList<HeaderPath> GccToolChain::gccHeaderPaths(const FileName &gcc, const QStringList &args,
const QStringList &env, const FileName &sysrootPath)
......@@ -381,15 +383,42 @@ bool GccToolChain::isValid() const
return !m_compilerCommand.isNull();
* @brief Asks compiler for set of predefined macros
* @param cxxflags - compiler flags collected from project settings
* @return defines list, one per line, e.g. "#define __GXX_WEAK__ 1"
* @note changing compiler flags sometimes changes macros set, e.g. -fopenmp
* adds _OPENMP macro, for full list of macro search by word "when" on this page:
QByteArray GccToolChain::predefinedMacros(const QStringList &cxxflags) const
if (m_predefinedMacros.isEmpty()) {
// Using a clean environment breaks ccache/distcc/etc.
Environment env = Environment::systemEnvironment();
m_predefinedMacros = gccPredefinedMacros(m_compilerCommand, cxxflags, env.toStringList());
return m_predefinedMacros;
typedef QPair<QStringList, QByteArray> CacheItem;
for (GccCache::iterator it = m_predefinedMacros.begin(); it != m_predefinedMacros.end(); ++it)
if (it->first == cxxflags) {
// Increase cached item priority
CacheItem pair = *it;
return pair.second;
CacheItem runResults;
runResults.first = cxxflags;
// Using a clean environment breaks ccache/distcc/etc.
Environment env = Environment::systemEnvironment();
runResults.second = gccPredefinedMacros(m_compilerCommand, cxxflags, env.toStringList());
if (m_predefinedMacros.size() > PREDEFINED_MACROS_CACHE_SIZE)
return runResults.second;
ToolChain::CompilerFlags GccToolChain::compilerFlags(const QStringList &cxxflags) const
......@@ -82,6 +82,8 @@ public:
ToolChain *clone() const;
typedef QList<QPair<QStringList, QByteArray> > GccCache;
GccToolChain(const QString &id, bool autodetect);
GccToolChain(const GccToolChain &);
......@@ -92,7 +94,8 @@ protected:
static QList<HeaderPath> gccHeaderPaths(const Utils::FileName &gcc, const QStringList &args, const QStringList &env, const Utils::FileName &sysrootPath);
mutable QByteArray m_predefinedMacros;
mutable GccCache m_predefinedMacros;
GccToolChain(bool autodetect);
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