Doc: Fix paths to Qt Quick Toolbar options

The options were moved to the "QML/JS Editing" tab.

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......@@ -42,14 +42,13 @@
. Select the icon to open the toolbar.
To open toolbars immediately when you select a QML type, select
\uicontrol{Tools > Options > Qt Quick > Qt Quick Toolbar > Always show Qt Quick
\uicontrol Tools > \uicontrol Options > \uicontrol {Qt Quick} >
\uicontrol {QML/JS Editing} > \uicontrol {Always show Qt Quick Toolbar}.
Drag the toolbar to pin it to another location. Select
\inlineimage qml-toolbar-pin.png
to unpin the toolbar and move it to its default location. To pin toolbars
by default, select \uicontrol{Tools > Options > Qt Quick > Qt Quick Toolbar
> Pin Quick Toolbar}.
by default, select \uicontrol {Pin Quick Toolbar}.
\section1 Previewing Images
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