Commit f6a0c691 authored by con's avatar con
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Mac: Fix opening ui files in external designer

parent 609ae4f2
......@@ -79,15 +79,15 @@ static inline QString msgAppNotFound(const QString &id)
static const char * const linguistBinaryC = "Linguist";
static const char * const designerBinaryC = "Designer";
// Mac: Change the call ' <file>' to
// 'open <file>'. Do this ONLY if you do not want to have
// command line arguments
// Mac: Change the call ' <filelist>' to
// 'open -a <filelist>'. doesn't support generic command line arguments
static void createMacOpenCommand(QString *binary, QStringList *arguments)
const int appFolderIndex = binary->lastIndexOf(QLatin1String("/Contents/MacOS/"));
if (appFolderIndex != -1) {
*binary = QLatin1String("open");
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