Doc: Changes in session management

Session details are now available in the Welcome mode,
including options to clone, rename, and delete sessions.
Also, new keyboard shortcuts can be used to open sessions.

Updated screenshot.

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\uicontrol {Switch to}.
When you launch \QC, a list of existing sessions is displayed in the
\uicontrol Welcome mode.
\uicontrol Welcome mode. To open a session, select it or press
\key Ctrl+Alt+<number>, where \e <number> is the number of the session to
open (available for the first nine sessions).
\image qtcreator-welcome-session.png
To view more information about a session, select the down arrow icon that
appears when you move the mouse cursor over the session name. Select actions
to clone, rename, and delete sessions.
When you start \QC from the command line, you can give the name of
a session as argument and \QC will start with this session.
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