Commit f9350a5d authored by Vikas Pachdha's avatar Vikas Pachdha

iOS: Fix isRunning state of the app running on Simulator

Refactored IostoolHandler code and fixed isRunning(..)
for Simulator

Change-Id: Ib24431fc8e66f8d1be983c2e41d36df2169a9cb4
Reviewed-by: Eike Ziller's avatarEike Ziller <>
parent d23f4cff
......@@ -159,13 +159,8 @@ void IosRunner::start()
void IosRunner::stop()
if (m_toolHandler) {
#ifdef Q_OS_UNIX
if (m_pid > 0)
kill(m_pid, SIGKILL);
if (m_toolHandler && m_toolHandler->isRunning())
void IosRunner::handleDidStartApp(IosToolHandler *handler, const QString &bundlePath,
This diff is collapsed.
......@@ -62,7 +62,7 @@ public:
void requestRunApp(const QString &bundlePath, const QStringList &extraArgs, RunKind runType,
const QString &deviceId, int timeout = 1000);
void requestDeviceInfo(const QString &deviceId, int timeout = 1000);
bool isRunning();
bool isRunning() const;
void stop();
......@@ -84,9 +84,6 @@ signals:
void toolExited(Ios::IosToolHandler *handler, int code);
void finished(Ios::IosToolHandler *handler);
void killProcess();
friend class Ios::Internal::IosToolHandlerPrivate;
Ios::Internal::IosToolHandlerPrivate *d;
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