1. 04 Jan, 2017 1 commit
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      UnitTests: Fix names and disable slow tests by default · ada5ea19
      Marco Bubke authored
      Slow and very slow tests have now their own test category. We add SlowTest
      for tests which are slower than ~5ms and VerySlowTest if they are slower
      than ~100ms. They are disabled them by "-*SlowTest.*". If you have a faster
      machine than most developers simply try lower values. The aim is that most
      developers can execute the tests in under ~2s.
      In the long run we should use dependency breaking and data sharing to
      reduce the count of the slow tests.
      Change-Id: I8578071258d7f89b2052709f3dd526ced811483f
      Reviewed-by: Nikolai Kosjar's avatarNikolai Kosjar <nikolai.kosjar@qt.io>
  2. 13 Dec, 2016 1 commit
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      CppTools: Refactor ProjectPartBuilder · 602ad72d
      Nikolai Kosjar authored
      ...and add some basic tests.
      Introduce the abstractions ProjectInterface and ToolChainInterface in
      order to break the dependency to the ProjectExplorer. Also, some simple
      logic can go there to simplify the (Base)ProjectPartBuilder.
      Change-Id: I6c50a1804ce62098b87109931eb171f5c2542937
      Reviewed-by: David Schulz's avatarDavid Schulz <david.schulz@qt.io>
  3. 12 Dec, 2016 1 commit
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      CppTools: Classify ambiguous headers depending on other files · 3a369552
      Nikolai Kosjar authored
      This applies for all project managers, except qmake. The qmake project
      manager will make use of this in follow up changes.
      Before, "foo.h" was always recognized as a CXXHeader. Now, it depends on
      the other files. E.g. in a file list {"foo.h", "foo.c"} foo.h is now a
      CHeader. In {"foo.h", "foo.c", "bar.cpp"} the file "foo.h" is ambiguous
      and we will create two project parts, one where it is a CHeader, the
      other where it is a CXXHeader.
      Change-Id: I50505163368742584b1380c284d42cbe07cb4fc9
      Reviewed-by: David Schulz's avatarDavid Schulz <david.schulz@qt.io>