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      Debugger: Enable attaching with -client option. · bd8d2b0b
      Friedemann Kleint authored
      Make it possible to trigger a debug-attach in a running instance
      of Qt Creator by means of -client, use that in qtcdebugger, thus
      enabling it to attaching to crashing executables in run mode
      Modify IPlugin and application so that the complete command line is
      serialized and transmitted to a running instance via QtSingleApplication
      if -client is specified. Introduce IPlugin::remoteArgument and use that
      in core for opening files and in the debugger for attaching.
      Use -client in qtcdebugger with some logic to keep it alive as long as
      the debuggee, make CDB break in that case as the events are not replayed
      correctly in case the debugger is not spawned by the registered handler.
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