1. 01 Dec, 2009 6 commits
    • Tobias Hunger's avatar
      Update build steps related panels · c4d12742
      Tobias Hunger authored
       * Merge BuildSettingsWidget and BuildSettingsSubWidgets. I don't
         see much need for this separation and it makes the indention harder
         to do.
       * Override contentsmargins set by the ProjectsWindow.
         This enables the toolwidget to be displayed properly.
       * Add a remove button to the toolwidget of the buildsteps. Remove the
         global one.
       * Simplify code a bit by using QSignalMapper instead of mapping signals
      Reviewed-by: dt
    • Tobias Hunger's avatar
      ProjectWindow update · 7ebf60dc
      Tobias Hunger authored
       * Indent widgets using contentsmargins. That way the individual
         widgets can override this.
       * Remove spme spacers in favour of yet more contents margins.
       * Remove unused headers and forward declarations.
       * Define some constants for spacings we might want to tweak later on.
      Reviewed-by: dt
    • Tobias Hunger's avatar
      Improve visual appearance of DetailsWidget · 7d50367b
      Tobias Hunger authored
       * Make toolswidget appear on hover.
       * Use a cached gradient in the background.
       * Remove layout fixup as that does not help on Linux and Windows
         anymore. Reevaluate after testing on Mac.
      Reviewed-by: dt
    • Roberto Raggi's avatar
      Use const names. · 7c7ce13a
      Roberto Raggi authored
    • Roberto Raggi's avatar
      Use const literals. · fade61a8
      Roberto Raggi authored
    • Friedemann Kleint's avatar
      Compile MinGw. · 2f944855
      Friedemann Kleint authored
  2. 30 Nov, 2009 34 commits