Doc: Describe Location column in Clang Static Analyzer view

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\image qtcreator-clang-static-analyzer.png
Select the link in the \uicontrol Location column to move to the location
where the issue appears in the code editor.
The Clang Static Analyzer runs with all the default checkers enabled. For
more information about the checkers, see
\l{}{Available Checkers}.
To suppress diagnostics, select \uicontrol {Suppress This Diagnostic} in the
context menu. To view the suppression list for a project and to remove
diagnostics from it, select \uicontrol {Clang Static Analyzer} in
the \uicontrol Projects mode.
diagnostics from it, select \uicontrol Projects >
\uicontrol {Project Settings} > \uicontrol {Clang Static Analyzer}.
\section1 Supported Project Types and Tool Chains
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