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Users can now view a list of available simulators in iOS
preferences and add copies of them.

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For more information, see \l{Expressing Supported iOS Versions}.
\section1 Testing on iOS Simulator
\section1 Testing on Simulator
If you do not have an iOS device or you do not want to create an account,
you can test applications on
{iOS Simulator}, which is installed as part of Xcode. Each Xcode version
{Simulator}, which is installed as part of Xcode. Each Xcode version
simulates a predefined set of hardware devices and software versions.
You can change the simulated hardware and software version in the run
settings for the project. Select \uicontrol Projects > \uicontrol Run, and then select
the device to simulate in the \uicontrol {Device type} field.
\QC uses the Xcode version set as current on the Mac computer.
To check the version, enter the following command:
\image qtcreator-ios-simulator-deploy.png
The simulator is started automatically when you run the application.
To start the simulator manually, select \uicontrol Preferences >
\uicontrol Devices > \uicontrol iOS > \uicontrol Start.
To take screenshots of the simulator, select \uicontrol Preferences >
\uicontrol Devices > \uicontrol iOS > \uicontrol Screenshot. The screenshots
are stored in the directory specified in the
\uicontrol {Screenshot directory} field.
\section2 Managing Simulators
The available simulators are listed in \uicontrol Preferences >
\uicontrol Devices > \uicontrol iOS.
\image qtcreator-ios-preferences.png
To create a new simulator instance:
\li Select \uicontrol Create.
\li In the \uicontrol {Device type} field, select the device type from
a list of devices supported by the Xcode version set as current on
the Mac computer.
\li In the \uicontrol {OS version} field, select an OS version from a
list of OS versions supported by the selected device and the current
Xcode version.
To rename the selected simulator, select \uicontrol Rename.
To reset the contents and settings of the selected simulators, select
\uicontrol Reset.
To delete the selected simulator, select \uicontrol Delete.
\section2 Checking Current Xcode Version
To check the current Xcode version, enter the following command:
\c {xcode-select --print-path}
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